A Deep Breath of Life

Bought the T-Shirt

To see what few have seen, you must go where few have gone.

When opera star Beverly Sills retired from the stage to become a director, she was constantly asked, ”How could you give up such a glorious and lucrative career?”. Finally, Beverly had a little gold pendant made displaying the letters ”I.A.D.T.” When someone at a party would question Beverly about leaving the stage, she would hold up the pendant and recite, ”I already did that”.
Just because something has worked for a long time , that does not mean you must do it forever. If you still feel enlivened and emotionally rewarded in it, carry on. But if the juice is gone, you must ask yourself where your heart really calls you, and move in a new direction.
To keep rubber-stamping an old activity is not a career; it’s hiding. Some writers, musicians, or artist produce a dearth of works that are but variations on an old formula or theme. The products sell, but on the inside, these souls are dying artistically. What is required is not more of the same, but a leap of faith to do something new and different.
If you can say, ”Been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt,” it’s time to venture onward. To live is to explore, reach out and risk. The only real security lies in adventure.

Give me the courage to try something new.
I want each day to be more alive than the last.

I launch into uncharted territory, trusting that Spirit is guiding me.


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